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a quick look into various owners of small businesses and testimonials 

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"Meet Matthew, the owner of a small business that is less than 900 square feet. Google Street View allows this business owner to showcase his unique pub's ambiance and atmosphere to get customers inside"

"When you look up into the sky, what do you see? We can't see into space, but with Google Photos they really are looking past the sky and into the atmosphere."

"Say hello to mars"

"Put yourself in your customers shoes for a day while he uses Google to search for his 

favorite spots and eatery. With Google Photos, it not only helps him - but he chooses

your business over others that don't have the photos."

John Kelly Business Enterprises, Inc.

"Take a peek into the world's first Dog Kitchen. 'It's hard to describe to someone', says owner Thom, but with Google Photos you can take a virtual tour and discover the benefits and charm this place has to offer for your incredible pooch."

what is google maps photos and how does it help me?

"Adventure into the new Google Maps app for smart phones."